Medewi Massage Girl's

Bali's secret is Medewi Beach  a beautiful left hander with the feel of undeveloped Bali of the 1970's.

If you walk on the path past the soccer pitch about 80m from the Ji Pantal Medawi Rd you will come to  group of bamboo and rattan huts with coconut frond roofs. 

Here you will discover another of Medawi's treasures 

The Beach Side Massage hut run by two women, Wayan and Madi, with help when busy from their famlies daughters 

Over 20 years these two women have developed a style and technique of massage that is unique. 

Their self taught style using tired sufers bodies has been passed down through the family and in one hour can rejuvenate an exhausted surfed out body to one thats pumping to get back out onto the water again.

This unique location with it's soft tropical breeze's wafting over tired bodies and waves rippling at the the waters edge 10 meters away creates the most sublime magical experience that shouldn't be passed up.

August 30, 2016