Attention - Our products are recommended for experienced surfers. We understand that wetsuits take a beating here and we’ve designed them for our hard wearing environment, however:

For best results, we recommend:

  • Taking care when entering and exiting the wetsuit( avoid excessive stretching and manhandling, avoid standing on rough surfaces when exiting the wetsuit;
  • Rinsing the wetsuit in fresh water after every day of surfing;
  • Hanging/drying the wetsuit out of direct sunlight, preferably on a large rounded coat hanger or railing.

This warranty is valid only for product purchased directly through our website,

You need to provide proof of purchase from in order for us to proceed with your claim.

West surfing products purchased from a third party source are not included in this warranty.

Our warranty applies for 3 months after your purchase date, and relates to any construction defects arising from typical surfing use, primarily entry and exit to the suit. Construction defects means actual failure of construction elements of the wetsuit, such as seams (glued, taped or stitched), and wetsuit components, including zip and clip.

Tearing of the wetsuit neoprene and knee pads caused by excessive improper use or accidental incident, is not included in the warrantee.

Our warranty does not cover accidental damage or repetitive misuse caused by user failure or mistreatment, including excessive manhandling during entry and exit, accidental damage such as reef or fin cuts and abrasions, excessive sun exposure, improper hanging and drying practice or improper storage (such as thrown in with your tools in the back of your truck, your dog sleeping on it, etc.).